Print Management Solution

The Print Management Solution will aim to provide:

  • Effective and true cost allocations to users, cost centres and devices.
  • Effective reporting on all users, devices, cost centres and overall company.
  • Better control over abuse on equipment with rules base engine management.
  • Centralized management for easier accessibility of all aspects of Print Management Solution software.

Solution Overview

Upon receipt of an order and the associated statement of work arrangement letter the Print Management Solution Installation Services team will assign a dedicated installation project coordinator who will engage the key client and channel personnel in the launch of the Print Management Solution Professional Installation process. Some of which are covered below:

  1. Pre-installation site readiness verification.
  2. Document the installation and configuration of the solution with the client – method statement.
  3. Implement our solution according to the contractual scope of work.
  4. Sign off the installation with the client with a practical completion certificate.
  5. Print Management Solution will assist with implementation on servers that meet those standard systems requirements of the applications.
  6. Training
    • Our intent is to train the IT system administrators on how to install and configure the workstation clients so that they undertake broader installations of the application when required to do so. The installation and training includes;
      • Configuration of Desktop services including
      • Job Cost Preview
      • Desktop Printing
      • PS Administrator training
  7. The Print Management Solution team will work with the client to review and provide recommendations on the plan for the workstation roll-out.
  8. Print Management Solution will provide training and written manuals for all our solutions installed on the client premises.