Managed Document Services

Managed Print Services, commonly abbreviated to MPS, is typically concerned with outsourcing all or the majority of print and imaging related devices under a uniform process and often a single contract, to an external vendor.

Sometimes broadly defined as simply the effective governance of a business’ output environment, Managed Print Services is closely related to the more holistic Managed Document Services (MDS).

Ricoh offers Managed Print Services as part of its Managed Document Services portfolio. The starting point is often the identification of a business’s actual print related costs and total output capacity: this information forms a baseline for improvement. Ricoh’s Managed Print Services can then provide an optimised fleet and ensure continued cost savings through centralised on-going monitoring and fleet management.

As a continuous solution, Ricoh’s Managed Document Services ensures that business targets and KPIs such as cost, fleet size, maintenance and service times are regularly optimised, allowing customers to focus more on their core business.

In addition to managing its own devices, under a single Managed Print Services contract Ricoh can also manage third-party devices as well as a range of supplies contract, implementation partners and system integrators as required.

Managed Document Services

The volumes of digital information we can access continues to grow. By 2020, this digital information will have grown by a factor of 30¹. Ricoh’s Managed Document Services ensures your employees get access to the right information at the right time in the right form. We do this by looking at how information travels through your business:

  1. Input
  2. Throughput
  3. Output

Research shows that total spend on document governance in Europe exceeds an estimated €14 billion per year², but by working in partnership with Ricoh to help manage your input, throughput and output, you can reduce your costs.

By following a five-step process that takes us from initial understanding to full-blown partnership, the result is a smarter, more efficient information workflow.

¹ The Digital Universe Decade – Are You Ready? May 2010. An IDC iView sponsored by EMC.
² The Ricoh Document Governance Index, conducted by Coleman Parkes Research (October 2009)

MPS and Beyond

In today's business climate, reducing and controlling costs is more important than ever. When a business is preparing its strategies to increase revenues or improve business processes, it may not integrate its document management costs.

Companies that embrace a Managed Print Services (MPS) approach and implement a comprehensive output management strategy can realise substantial benefits such as:

  • Decreased document-related expenses
  • Controlled expenditures
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Eliminated or significantly reduced waste
  • Continuous improvement with document lifecycles
  • Greener corporate citizen status

But Ricoh's Managed Document Services reaches far beyond the realm of print.

Our focus on end-users and incorporating change management to engage employees means we can make long-term improvements to your document processing and business efficiency. Through on-site and off-site services, our consultants and project managers learn about your needs. And when we evaluate your unique needs, we always consider the most critical component of continuing success - your employees.

As a consequence, we help manage your entire document environment, and you benefit from just one point of contact. Our size and position enables business expansion by adapting solutions from local to global coverage, from Distributed Print Services to Central Reprographics Departments. So you get more benefits than ever before and continue to achieve your goals.