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Your Preferred Steel Provider

The Company

Genesis Steel belongs to The Doshi Group and was established in October 2003 as a specialist hot roiled sheet and steel plate merchant. Situ ated in Vulcania, Brakpan in the Gauteng Province Genesis pride themselves on being a fast and reliable supplier to many companies in the manufacturing sector. These include those involved in major infrastructural projects such as the Power Stations , Mining. Construction. Steel Fabricators and the Steel Profiling sector.

The Problem

  • Genesis experienced long sales cycles due to manual processes.
  • Documentation was not centralised and took time to locate especially when certificates for the steel was requested by customers.
  • They required the centralisation of documents and for these documents to be effortlessly linked together in a document pack. Despite the loca tion it was captured or received at (Warehouse,
  • Reception, Invoicing desk, Sales Clerks).
  • Storage space was becoming a problem as a sales cycle for one order involved a large volume of different document types.

The Objective

  • Remove the manual process between the warehouse and the admin office
  • Locate customers sales order, POD’s, and certificates for steel purchased within seconds so payment could no longer be withheld by clients unnecessarily.
  • Automate the filing of documents and reduce the time spent in matching relevant documents so that staff had more time to attend to more pressing tasks.

The Solution

  • Installed Doc-IT
  • Setup an import function to automatically read information of electronic born certificates and store it in its correct file in Doc-IT.
  • Set up Zonal OCR to automatically read certain information (Invoice/Document Number) from the Sales Orders, POD’s and Trip Sheets. Note that the POD’s are printed on Dot Matrix printers which therefore needed extra tools and checks to translate the characters correctly when in dexed in Doc-IT. The information indexed allowed for documents to automatically link together when searching in Doc-IT.
  • The rest of the information was pulled from their finance system report which runs on a schedule daily to update documents in Doc-IT with any other data. This improved accuracy of data captured for documents.
  • A Doc-IT exception report is saved daily in Doc-IT and shows what Invoices are in the Finance system and have no matching POD’s in Doc-IT.

The Benefits

  • Zonal OCR removed the need and time spent for users to capture data manually which in-turn increased productivity and eliminated human error.
  • Document packs are found in seconds and can be emailed to clients from Doc-IT.
  • Documents are stored in a central location and can be accessed by the warehouse and admin office at the same time.
  • Reduced physical paper in office
  • Reports show what documents are missing and helps management easily keep track of orders.

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