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By webadmin. 13 June 2016

ISO 14,000 compliancy

The Company

Basil Read is a JSE listed construction company with sites spread across the globe. It has topped the Sunday Times Business Times Top 100 Companies Award for the last 2 years running and contributed to the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa by building the Mbombeia Stadium.

The Problem

  • All documentation was manual.
  • Due to the geographic spread of their sites, management was concerned about the management and compliancy issues.
  • Site quality audits were failing due to their lack of document control.
  • There were no forms of redundancy or backups.
  • A missing document could cost millions

The Objective

  • Strive for 150 14,000 rating by:
  • Converting physical documents to electronic.
  • Keep electronic documents securely in a central compliant repository within a predefined structure.
  • Create document registers and reports.
  • Manage document versions.
  • Make all standard documents and templates available to all via the web.
  • Create redundancy.
  • Make all sites’ documents available and accessible to Head Office.
  • Create document packs for handover at the end of a project as per contractual obligations.
  • Have a local development partner who can build a system with them to reach their 15014,000 rating together with other Basil Read requirements.

The Solution

  • Installed pre-configured Doc-IT Servers on each site
  • Replicated these servers to an ISP daily where they can now be accessed by Head Office.
  • Created management reports and drawing and document registers.
  • Manage version and stamp documents accordingly.
  • Enforced a filing structure.

The Benefits

  • Better compliance through:
  • Complete document redundancy and protection.
  • Version control.
  • Audit Trails.
  • Enforced filing structure.
  • Better access to information for all.
  • Better quality audit results.
  • Time saved through the use of template documents from other tenders and the creation of data packs.
  • Increased information accuracy to management.
  • Faster management reporting.

The Bottom Line

  • All documents are now secured off-site and are accessible via the web.
  • Basil Read is closer to reaching their ISO 14 000 compliance.
  • Peace of mind at head office

And More

  • All Civiis sites to be on Doc-IT by end of 2010.
  • All Basil Read sites on Doc-IT by end 2011.
  • A 10 point plan has been proposed by Basil Read to integrate Doc-1T into other areas of their business.
  • Created PDF document packs in a structured and indexed manner without having to duplicate work.

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