By webadmin. 13 June 2016

Saving RI Million a year

The Company

SEESA is a legal consultancy that acts on behalf of employers needs in managing HR issues. Their head office is in Pretoria and they have 17 branches throughout South Africa. They have 30.000 clients who pay a monthly subscription. For this the client secures X hours a year legal assistance.

The Problem

  • SEESA guarantees their work based on procedural compliancy. Should the employer be forced to pay a penalty to and employee, then SEESA guarantee that they will pay that penalty on behalf of their client, hence they need to be able to ensure they followed the correct procedures
  • SEESA were sending lawyers out to clients who were defaulting on payment without being aware that this was the case
  • SEESA were sending lawyers out in excess of the agreed and paid for hours for certain clients

The Objective

  • Protect guarantee by ensuring procedural compliancy
  • Stop lawyers going to defaulting clients
  • Control the amount of allocated legal hours per client and invoice for additional hours
  • Create reports that manage the lawyers work rates

The Solution

  • Installed Doc-IT
  • Created an appointment calendar on Doc-IT
  • Create documents for each type of appointment and language and mark them with a unique code at the creation of the appointment
  • Do not allow and appointment if client has not paid or exceeded allocated hours
  • Manage which documents have not come back into Doc-IT from an appointment
  • Automatically place documents in Doc-IT as they are scanned back in
  • Created management reports

The Benefits

  • Reduced guarantee payments hugely improved scheduling of appointments
  • Reduced physical paper in office
  • Easier management of procedural documents
  • Saved money by limiting appointments to defunct payers or out of agreement hours

The Bottom Line

  • Save at least R4ODk a year on guarantees
  • Save at least R400k a year on out of contract hours
  • Save at least R20Dk a year on sending lawyers to defaulting clients


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