By webadmin. 13 June 2016

The Company

Dis-Chem is the largest pharmacy chain in the country. Their head office is based in Midrand. According to their Financial Director they purchase 1000 document storage boxes a quarter to store their financial documentation for SARS compliance.


The Problem

The cost of storing all SARS related documentation for the five year prescribe period was too high and time taken searching for documents was not realistic.

The Objective

  • To manage their SARS related documents by:
  • Reducing paper storage
  • Speeding up retrieval time
  • Whilst maintaining SARS compliancy

The Solution

  • Installed Doc-IT
  • Doc-It obtained a letter of permission from SARS to pis-Chem allowing Dis-Chem to destroy all SARS related documentation after 1 year on condition the images were stored on Doc-IT
  • All documents were and are scanned and imported into Doc-IT by Sable
  • Users can find and retrieve any document in 30 seconds

The Benefits

  • All POD’s now captured against corresponding invoice
  • All securely stored in a legally compliant system
  • Any POD can be found in 30 seconds and emailed to a client at the click of a button
  • No more invalid excuses for clients to withhold payment

The Bottom Line

  • Debtors books bought down by 30 days
  • POD’s are no longer a reason for audit problems

And More

  • 1-1R has gone onto Doc-1T
  • Shipping has gone onto Doe-IT

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