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Commercial and Industrial Acceptances

The Company

CIA is an award winning underwriting manager (Underwriting Manager of the Year – 2D10). They are based in Bedfordview, but have offices throughout South Africa.

The Problem

  • Everything in their business is document based with stringent legal compliancy issues which leads to the following problems:
  • Too much paper
  • Documents spread all around the office and cannot be found
  • Too slow to react to a client call as information is not available

The Objective

  • Reduce paper
  • Centralise electronic document, especially email
  • Link the EDRMS to the underwriting management software so that users do not have to use two different applications
  • Replicate the physical file within the EDRMS by creating images of all documents to appear as though an user had just opened a physical paper file

The Solution

  • Installed Doc-IT
  • Create images of all documents so that users can ‘page’ through the electronic file
  • Linked to Grail underwriting software so that Doc-IT follows Grail and only shows documents that correspond to the users location in Grail
  • Automatically catch email and assign accordingly
  • Assign work to workflows to ensure completion

The Benefits

  • All documents and email now secure and compliant
  • Familiar to users comfortable with paper
  • Works with Grail increasing speed and reducing change management
  • Customer service is greatly increased
  • Procedures are being enforced

The Bottom Line

  • They can service their clients immediately with every bit of information and documentation available at their fingertips

And More

  • Rolling out to regional offices
  • Rolling out to finance and bookkeeping


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