By webadmin. 13 June 2016

Reduced debtors book by 30 days

The Company

‘Founded on a need for balance, Commercial Catering Equipment (CCE) continues to provide a competitive alternative in the Catering Equipment Marketplace.’
CCE is a distributor of commercial catering equipment, privately owned and based in Randburg. Their clients are predominantly Large commercials and all products are delivered to their clients premises. All clients have payment terms.

The Problem

  • All clients pay on account. Many clients query the statements and request delivery notes, with holding payment until they receive them.
  • Financial yearend audits were a nightmare due to their document situation (specifically PODs).

The Objective

  • To manage their POD’s by:
  • Converting all POD’s to electronic documents.
  • Storing them all securely in a central repository.
  • Creating exception reports that showed which POD’s were missing.
  • Have the ability to search for, retrieve and send a POD to a client electronically and quickly.

The Solution

  • Installed Doc-IT
  • Trained Tea Lady to scan POD’s at WIPP
  • Auto-indexed all POD’s by hooking into Pastel
  • Created exception reports that showed:
  • Missing POD’s
  • POD’s incorrectly captured
  • POD’s created manually and not yet on Pastel

The Benefits

  • All POD’s are now captured against the corresponding invoice.
  • All securely stored in a legally compliant system.
  • Any POD can be found in 30 seconds and emailed to a client at the click of a button.
  • No more invalid excuses for clients to withhold payment.

The Bottom Line

  • Debtors book reduced by 30 days.
  • POD’s are no longer a reason for audit problems.

And More

  • CCE now uses Doc-IT to store and manage Supplier Invoices against Purchase Orders.

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